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Whilst working for both Logica (formerly CMG UK) and University of London, it became evident to us that there was a real need in the market place for small businesses to acquire quality IT support, without the red tape and cost of a large corporate product. Small businesses needed a fit for purpose support product, that had all the benefits and efficiency of an internal IT person, but without the cost and overhead of having to fill a full time position.

In June 2004 we launched Oragon, designed to deliver our unique "direct line support" approach. We wanted to build a business that provided a support product, that enabled businesses to receive quality, knowledable support, without having to wait for a call centre to pick-up, or having to repeat the same issue over and over, each time a new person picked up on the call. Having worked in the industry for collectively 40 years, we knew which aspects of the support process really anger users. By providing our users with a direct line, we help to alleviate the tension we all feel at a time of IT failure and get going on resolving the issue, in most cases, immediately. In 2008 Oragon SA was opened where the web development team is located.

As we grew, we applied the same business model to other areas. By providing the identical "direct line" approach to our development work, we were able to deliver "high end scale" work in both application and web sectors, that continue to build good working relationships with our clients. Today, "direct line" has become our ethos in everything we do - support, hosting, development, web and design. We thoroughly enjoy forging new and growing old relationships in these sectors, with clients who will recommend Oragon time and time again.